Reincarnation might not be all bad

Sounds like it doesn’t happen instantly. But if the time is backwards where you go when you die, does that mean you reincarnate before your last life? No idea, don’t think the times are linked.

Heaven has no time. So if you go there, I guess you aren’t coming back here. Humans may go extinct here, so I may have to reincarnate somewhere else.

The good news is, you really will have no idea who you were the last life. I think the cleansing process erases your memory, but if it can take a long ass time, good luck guessing who you were.

You probably aren’t somebody who died within 10 years of when you were born.

And most souls, may require seeing their entire family before reincarnating. Not sure how far back though. As then, you might as well see every human before reincarnating, go back far enough, you are related.

Is the amount of cleansing time the same for all humans? If so, maybe every human gets to see and reincarnate at the same time. That doesn’t exactly make sense, because new babies are being born. Guess not reincarnating to the same time.

Do they have straight jackets there?

Oh and God believes in free will, the only ones that don’t, are bad Aliens, and humans. God isn’t trying to control us. Humans try to control others, with religion.

Lookup Rudolf Steiner on a book site, like, Amazon sucks. Didn’t look it up on Amazon, I probably won’t lookup books on there anymore, Kobo is better. The coupons they keep spamming me with, is it the entire order? I got to buy some of their books. I probably won’t read em, but I’ll collect em. Maybe the power will go out.

Either way, I’m screwed, perhaps not as screwed as some people. I’ll let God decide that.

That might explain why I do absolutely nothing. But that may screw you too, you may reincarnate into nothing. Did they warn me? Wouldn’t do any good, I’m too primitive and stupid. They probably warned me about everything.

Hmm not being somebody who died within the last ten years, might be wrong. One guy reincarnated, and some of his family still alive. He got to meet his daughters. Except, he’s a kid now.

How he remembered that, but not the other place, I have no idea. Perhaps some directly reincarnate.

Well, good luck, saying what happens when you die, looks like it can be very different for everybody.

Published on: 22 March
Posted by: Tom