5:49:48 PM, monitor woke itself up

That hasn’t happened for a long time. Usually is the Steam Deck that wakes up.

Guess HomeKit was working tonight, I got a notification when it woke up. Think I looked at it on my watch, looked like it was awake, when I returned, I checked the recordings, and it did wake up.

The software I use to make my camera HomeKit doesn’t always work, either it checks the camera for motion at the wrong time, or it gets updated and it’s fixed but then another update breaks it. I won’t be paying for their NVR. Ain’t worth the money, if the software doesn’t work for basic usage, I don’t want to pay to beta test the NVR.

I may have a new NAS, well not an actual NAS, more like an Orange Pi, coming soon. I may offload the security camera footage to it. Might wait though a while, until I have another drive to back it up to.

I didn’t want USB made drives, they don’t last as long, I don’t think. Didn’t bother with a NAS drive, costs only $20 or so more, but 7200RPM, that means it might be hotter, so got a slow ass compute drive instead. Not paying more for a WD drive that is less RPM, not worth it. And I have bad luck, the WD NAS drive might die too soon. I have a 6 TB compute drive that is fine, can be slow, but who cares.

I also need a drive to put in a fire safe, in case there’s a fire, or flood. The enclosure I wanted, a dual bay one costs too much, $160 I think before tax. Maybe I’ll buy it someday. I might buy that brand’s rugged 3.5″ enclosure, for one drive, for the fire safe drive. More protection the better.

And don’t buy anything from Amazon, unless you can’t buy it anywhere else. Slow ass shipping for some stuff. They don’t like shipping stuff together.

Maybe the Mac mini will get that $160 enclosure, an expensive Mac, needs an expensive enclosure.

Published on: 23 March
Posted by: Tom