Did that actually trigger my Steam Deck waking itself up?

Light crying about the dead dogs I grew up with. Light crying, as I didn’t cry very long.

But I predicted something would wake up after crying. No bug woke the Steam Deck up, you can’t see any bug on the video. Even though a spider may have moved in. Now a spider could wake the Linux PC up without much effort, just crawl on the cable for keyboard or mouse, and that might wake it up, well maybe not the keyboard cable. If the mouse moves just a little, it wakes up.

But the Mac has woken itself up too, and that requires clicking a button. Not sure spiders weigh enough to click buttons. If somebody or somebodies I can’t see, are waking stuff up, no need to make it hard and leave it on the Mac inputs. The Deck is easy to wake up, you can just touch the screen. You don’t have to press a button.

If somebody I can’t see is waking it up, I can’t really answer who. I thought my dad was doing it, and confirmed it by crying about him, and then something waking up. It could all be a coincidence, at least that’s what scientists know. As scientists know you don’t exist after dying, we are just robots after all. I already know I can leave my body, so I don’t think that.

Conscious isn’t the right word for what people and animals and everybody else is. Apparently it’s a shared consciousness. That means, by yourself, you aren’t conscious. So I guess you can call it a soul. Or a life essence. If animals and all the other life, is sharing the same consciousness, I guess dogs know how to read and write, or they can.

And if this is a random event of life on Earth, why the fuck is almost if not all other life on other planets, humanoid? That is intelligent life, except I wouldn’t call humans intelligent, we are destroying our own planet. So they don’t believe any other life exists either, just like the majority of religious people.

I need to buy some of Rudolf Steiner’s books. One coupon I have for Kobo.com expires on the 1st I think. Think they sent me a 25% coupon too. When does that expire? Says the third, and only select books, and the 20% coupon seems to say the same thing, so might be useless.

Published on: 27 March
Posted by: Tom