A Hybrid’s story E-Book by Kate Thorvaldsen

Finally bought that book. I hoard eBooks, don’t read em though. I bought it from the Author, here.

Says it can take up to 24 hours to receive the eBook. You can’t buy the eBook anywhere else I guess.

Does it have DRM? No idea.

I also bought Chariots of the Gods 50th Anniversary Edition and Theosophy the other day. I should buy the audio books though, maybe then I’ll listen to them at least, or use em to fall a sleep.

Well, you can use a screen reader. You may need to remove the DRM from your books to do that, I always remove DRM. I want the book forever, not for the life of the DRM server.

Well worth $10, no DRM! I just got the PDF in my email. And no I don’t share books. Buy it yourself, it has no DRM, so you can read on whatever the fuck you want, or even print it out. Yes it takes longer to receive then if you buy from Amazon or Kobo, but it’s well worth the wait.

Music used to have DRM, now they need DRM free eBooks. So I don’t have to remove the DRM. And some DRM, you might not be able to remove. So at some point, I might buy a book, and can’t remove the DRM, and possibly not read it on Kindle.

Published on: 29 March
Posted by: Tom