How are you an individual conscious being, if it’s a shared consciousness?

You are sharing the same thing, you aren’t conscious without whatever the shared consciousness is.

The Earthfiles, lady said an individual conscious being.

She doesn’t study near death experiences? Or by individual, does she mean the entire human species?

God said to somebody that died, that it’s a shared consciousness. I believe them more then anybody else. They actually died.

How else do you think some stuff is possible? Like being psychic, apparently everybody is, just nobody knows or cares.

I already know I can leave my body. Too bad I can’t mediate anymore. And I’m too lazy to try to do so.

One or more animal may have been on the bed this morning. Somebody may have been by my stomach, and at least one creature on the other side. I may have been crying too, I was missing Tonka.

Published on: 29 March
Posted by: Tom