That could be why the desktop wakes up, but might expect it to wake up way more often. The Steam Deck, that would probably only be the case, if the USB switch is set to the Steam Deck. Otherwise, you have to touch the screen or press buttons. Or maybe use the trackpad thingy.

The Mac mini requires clicking a button to wake it up, at least moving my mouse never seems to wake it up.

The Steam Deck and my desktop got woke up while gone today. The Steam Deck could also be software related, but kind of doubtful at this point. It doesn’t seem to happen everyday. How would they make that completely random and only on some days? You can test by putting a different Linux distro on it, I’ll pass though.

Perhaps the only unexplained thing happening, is the stuff in bed. And maybe the knocking I heard on the wall behind my computer. That wall I think is where the stairs are. They got good timing, knocked right when I got home, and only did it once. Not even sure you can knock where I heard it. Well, that is easily. And why only once? How would somebody not in my apartment know my reaction? And I doubt a living person knocking on walls in stairwells would care.

Oh and my S.T.O.P Obsessing book ending up by me in bed, I woke up with it by me. No idea how it got there. I suppose I could have grabbed it in my sleep and put it there. No camera is going into my room. Well, one camera can see somewhat in my room. Might be able to see where the book is. But I don’t expect to find the book again in bed. And they can just disable the camera and move the book anyways, so a camera is useless.

I’m too lazy to ask those I can’t see to do anything. I’d rather say “I love you Tonka”, then ask somebody I can’t see to do something.

You can’t hear any loud traffic when desktop or Steam Deck got woke up. But the microphone does suck on that camera.

Published on: 2 April
Posted by: Tom