THE INVISIBLE COLLEGE: What a Group of Scientists Has Discovered About UFO Influences on the Human Race

Bought that book, had a digital credit from Amazon.

He was a close associate of J. Allen Hynek, the only reason I bought that book, and not The Skinwalker Ranch book. What does the Skinwalker Ranch book have that the shows and movie doesn’t have?

I may never read it, or maybe I’ll read this one, since he was an associate of J. Allen Hynek. Got to finish reading an OCD book first though, since either I told myself to, or somebody I can’t see or understand told me to. Almost six hours left of reading it says, good luck not falling a sleep though. If you are always tired, then you’ll have a bad or sleepy time reading books.

Somebody keeps tucking the blanket in, only on one side today though. According to this, I ain’t doing it.

I got the idea of reading the OCD book while sleeping, since I have no proof of anybody else giving me the idea while sleeping, it’s like my own idea. Except, I’m not sure “own” ideas exist, thanks to the shared consciousness.

The shared consciousness could potentially help explain UFOs.

Published on: 17 August
Posted by: Tom