Whitley Strieber Them

Bought the Kindle version, Earthfiles lady mentioned it.

They also said humans are sheep, to ETs. No wonder the US doesn’t care if everybody including themselves die. They won’t be a sheep anymore. Now if they don’t die, they still get to be a sheep, while everybody else isn’t I guess.

I probably won’t read it, I don’t read any books. Too much work. But I am bored a lot, I get up too early now. Sleeping longer is better.

The DRM removal still works, it’s either using the same thing, or I suppose the thing for the other site. I think the original thing I had for removing DRM, is older. But I’m too lazy to do anything about it.

You have to remove DRM, so you can read it forever. Since many people will die, thanks to the hoax global warming, Amazon might no longer be in business. If I’m still alive, I can possibly read books. Then again, I’ll be too sweaty to read books. I’ll be in the bathtub trying to cool off.

Too bad humans don’t want to solve a hoax.

Published on: 7 July
Posted by: Tom