A Glitch in the Matrix

It might be a simulation, but not made with a computer. You really think God would use a computer? No, it’s more advanced then that, much more.

There’s a horrible story in that as well.

It’s on Hulu, but I got a version with better audio quality. Or does Hulu only have bad audio quality if you download using AnyStream? No idea.

There’s different worlds as well. Humans may go extinct here, but not everywhere.

And they talk about reincarnation. I suppose that’s possible with computers.

God only evolved to computers? Doubtful. They don’t need a computer, they are like a super computer, but not made out of electronics.

But I think I need one of those tanks some guy went in, I forgot what it’s called, or don’t know how to spell it. But I might leave my body if I go in one. Just ask if you can leave your body. God might put me back in my body though. They don’t even have to chase me around.

Two animals may have been on my bed last night, and somebody may have pushed the blanket in, also making me think an animal was there.

You really think this wouldn’t be a simulation? God doesn’t want anybody they made, to get permanently damaged. Just because of reincarnation, it could be considered a simulation. Without reincarnation, you might as well have no heaven or anything either.

Published on: 6 July
Posted by: Tom