I saw an orb or something in the monitor the other day

Might have been my glasses. But I don’t think the security camera is recording dust now.

I just thought my glasses was causing me to see whatever I was seeing in or on the monitor. Didn’t move though. Did eventually go away. Maybe on the monitor is correct, but that would imply it’s on it. Where is the image? In the monitor? That’s where I saw it.

Haven’t seen it since, can’t recall if I cleaned my glasses right after either, probably not.

Can’t verify if it’s my glasses or not, can’t see well enough without glasses. Now I’d have to wait for it to happen again. Maybe the light was hitting something from outside just right.

But if it’s caused by light from outside, how come the ones the camera records moves?

Only happening once, doesn’t tell you much.

Seeing orbs isn’t scary, they look like light. How is light scary?

Published on: 5 July
Posted by: Tom