Hunt for the Skinwalker

Shows stuff before the current owners of the ranch bought it. And I think the guy said they know nothing about anything that happened before on Skinwalker Ranch, the new people.

Now I wonder if I already saw it, I sure don’t remember any of it.

I watched it on Hulu. Not that many commercials either, and I think it was two hours long.

Zero evidence for Aliens being responsible. More like zero evidence for anything being the case, as they don’t get the same event every time. They can’t do the same thing and cause the same event, they just get different events. It’s different, if every variable isn’t the same.

But it does prove, you exist forever, since somebody saw a Dire wolf. You can go extinct here, but not completely.

They could always ask God for what’s going on there, but they probably don’t believe in God. God will keep waiting for humans to ask them for stuff. The question is, do all humans have to believe and ask God as one? Or can every individual ask God for something? If so, I should ask how to get rid of depression. But sleeping is fun.

Published on: 5 July
Posted by: Tom