Anzar the Progenitor by Bruce Olav Solheim

Bad reviews on Amazon, probably written by the government.

They don’t say how they came to the conclusion Reptilians don’t exist though.

Sounds like something the government would say.

Oh and apparently nukes are going to be used in the next war. They claim it’s an Alien war or something. If nukes happen, will they still say Reptilians don’t and can’t exist?

I prefer to think anything is possible.

Oh Vivaldi doesn’t have subtitles in Picture in Picture, like Firefox, pretty lame.

I’ll add the book to my wish list. Maybe buy it next month.

Oh wait, they won’t be able to say anything about Reptilians, if the Earth is destroyed, and all life on it.

Don’t think has that book, so will have to buy from Amazon. They don’t have any Bruce Olav Solheim books on there.

Damn, might not be able to buy 3D printer next month, price is over $300 now.

How is Anzar being an exotic device to sell books possible, but Reptilians aren’t? Their review makes no sense.

But good news, if you get abducted, by good Aliens, or have communication with good Aliens, you might get to leave the planet soon, possibly before the nukes come down.

Now the question is, have I been abducted? Probably not, bummer.

Except, how is that good news, if your human family doesn’t go too? And dog family. And any other animals.

Published on: 19 April
Posted by: Tom