Video quality too shitty

If the camera was in my room, you’d be able to tell if I made it pushed down, or somebody you can’t see did.

But the camera is on my desk, and can only see so much in the bedroom. And because of how far away it is, the quality is really bad. Doesn’t exactly look like I did it, but hard to tell.

Sorry, no camera going in my room. I thought somebody may have been on the bed though. No point in sharing the video, the quality sucks. Too blocky to tell who’s doing it.

Remember, love is forever. Feeling depressed, perhaps isn’t forever.

Oh and the Steam Deck woke itself up around 9 AM.

On the other camera, I changed a setting, but now it’s too dark when it’s in IR mode. I had it set to schedule for the profile, but changed it to one profile all the time, but changes to IR mode. It doesn’t need to go into the night profile what it was set to anymore, it stays lighter longer now.

And even if I did it, somebody could be controlling me in my sleep to do it using me. Like when somebody talked through me, to tell me to calm down, it wasn’t my voice. That was kind of funny, my dream was making me super anxious or something, and somebody said the name my family calls me, and to calm down, I immediately calmed down as well. I’d reckon, I wouldn’t have calmed down, if I told myself to.

And I need to read the S.T.O.P Obsessing book, it may or may not help, but worth a shot. I think that’s why it ended up on the bed a long time ago, they knew it was going to get way worse. They knew way before I did. I’ll probably read it on the Kindle though, that way I don’t have to find a piece of paper to use as a bookmark. And I bought the Kindle version as well. That is the main book I need to read. The other books, about Aliens or whatever, aren’t as important.

We moved my bed, so you can see even less now. It isn’t on the wall that is shared with my neighbor anymore.

Looked at the video again, probably me rolling over. So I guess sometimes when I rollover, the blanket gets pushed down, and my brain associates that with a creature being there. That doesn’t explain the Steam Deck’s good timing on waking itself up though. Like right when I get out of the bathroom, or right when I’m leaving. And those “coincidences” have happened more then once.

Published on: 23 April
Posted by: Tom