How “Reptilians” could control their slaves

If the “Reptilians” exist, they might as well, and they have slaves on one or more planets, they could control them, by making your soul not awake or aware of anything. All they are using it for is to power the body.

There’s a story of a guy waking up in a different body, but apparently wasn’t supposed to be awake, or aware. And the Reptilians were behind it.

If you can have God, why can’t you have Reptilians? There’s already evidence, we aren’t from this planet. Blood rain had cells in it, like nothing else on this planet, and there was a meteorite nearby. Don’t think it was the entire meteorite, just part of it, it blew up.

Some people make no sense, they can believe God exists, but nothing else. The universe would be tiny if that was the case. Not to mention, we’d be long extinct if nothing else existed. Either by ourselves, or God. And then they’d make a new life, that isn’t as violent as us.

Now that isn’t possible if you are an Atheist. I guess in that case, you think food is powering your body. It’s keeping the body alive. But the body probably does nothing, without the soul.

Published on: 22 April
Posted by: Tom