Steam Deck waking up at 11:08 AM and PM

Is that software related? No idea.

What’s significant with 11:08? No idea, but I think the first time I noticed it waking up at the same time. Is something going to happen at 11:08 AM or PM? Maybe it was waking up at the same times before, but too often, so didn’t pay attention.

Only woke up two times today, as far as I know.

Or maybe it’s telling me to go to bed, which is what I’m about to do. That game is bad to play before bed, up after 12 AM yesterday because of it. Or I guess today, since it’s not tomorrow yet.

If something happens at 11:08, well, the Steam Deck can tell the future. No idea what day or what would happen though.

Probably anybody can look into the future, most humans think they can’t though, and that it isn’t possible. There’s a good psychic documentary, can’t recall what it’s called. But it turns out everybody is probably psychic.


First time waking up today was 3 pm. Beginning to think it’s a weird software thing. But you can’t predict it. Maybe if I close Steam it won’t do it anymore. It’s in desktop mode. I think Steam has caused my desktop in the past to wake itself up, so I don’t leave it open on it anymore.


Well it turned on again when getting ready to leave. Coincidence or not? I’m going with not. And if my neighbors can hear me, they might think I’m nuts. Oh well. I said goodbye whoever is here. Also I say goodnight most nights. Goodnight means everybody. And I’m pretty sure everybody that knows me is hearing that. All the animals and my dad. Great grandparents probably hear it too.

I am nuts though. So it doesn’t matter if people think that.

And “coincidences” like that have happened more then once. So I doubt it’s a coincidence anymore.

And you might ask “why don’t they do more?” there’s lots of reasons. They don’t want to scare me. I don’t ask. And if I don’t know how I will react who does? God and the divine might have a good idea and may even tell them. So I’m guessing I would have bad reactions.

Not to mention I heard knocking once and got kind of mad. No idea if somebody in the building was messing with me or what. I was mad because I thought a neighbor did it.

So anything with noise they probably won’t do.

Published on: 21 April
Posted by: Tom