2-23-23 #2

The video was edited, to cut before that shows up, as there isn’t anything before that to look at. And to add the watermark. And I should have cut the ending too. The file size might have been even smaller if I cut the ending too.

If I didn’t cut most of before it shows up, you might miss it.

Without the distance, there’s no way to say what it is. If it’s far away, probably not dust. The other camera wasn’t in night mode, so it didn’t record anything. Well, it was recording, but you can’t see it. Not sure it has a view anyways. I could put it on the same schedule, but then neither camera will have color at night with lights on.

Nice Firefox in Linux, can’t handle playing the entire video, the timer freezes. So maybe I’ll just upload H265 videos from now on, will use less space. You’ll most likely have to download and play in VLC or something. That’s assuming the editor on the Mac mini can save as H265.

Published on: 23 February
Posted by: Tom