Don’t use the Contact page yet

Still not receiving emails for some reason. Might be a DNS thing. Except, I can email that address from Gmail. Might have to setup SMTP. As MXroute may be blocking it.

Doesn’t make sense that it’s blocked though. So maybe the server is sending it to itself, instead of MXroute. Good job DirectAdmin. My other site can send emails to an MXroute email.

Looks like it’s failing for some reason. Got to login to the webmail to see why. Nope, have to setup an admin email, to get the error emails. Because it’s trying to send something to an email that doesn’t exist on MXroute. I didn’t enter that email in the contact form.

So the over aggressive spam protection, is probably blocking it. Why the fuck do I have to setup SMTP to MXroute, to email myself on MXroute? Same thing happened to my other server, had to make an account just so it can send me emails.

Might be time to look for a new email provider.

The contact form actually emails me now. The port for TLS isn’t open, so I used SSL instead. I could open the port, but why bother.

Not like I need the emails, you can see the contact form submissions in the admin interface.

Published on: 23 February 2022
Posted by: Tom