Felt like dogs by me in bed yet again

And the monitor woke itself up too while in bed.

If any dog was actually by me, Tonka was one of them most likely. Buddy or Meiko could be the other one. Apparently I let go of Buddy dying, probably after taking Tonka home. But letting go of Tonka was harder. Not sure I completely let go of her dying yet. Almost completely. I know how to let go now, love.

The good news is, the sleep doctor said my sleep apnea isn’t bad enough for them to do anything. If I want another appointment that’ll take a year, that’s too long. They need to observe some people where they usually sleep, not somewhere else. So in other words, there isn’t anything they can do for me. At least not in this city.

If you go somewhere else, you can take the stuff home, and do it in your own bed. At home sleep test.

Published on: 29 August
Posted by: Tom