Love isn’t the point in every dimension/universe?

Yet at least human souls, are made from love. So how can you possibly reincarnate to a different dimension if you are made out of love? If so, that means, there are souls here, not made out of love.

Or all souls are made from love, but not every dimension/universe has that point.

Manufactured beings that come here, do they have a soul? Or did somebody transfer their own soul to the manufactured body?

All the info could be wrong and lies anyways. That’s the point of the coverup, to make you have no idea what is true, and what isn’t. If they disclose anything, is it true or not? In other words, they should disclose what they know, most people won’t believe it anyways, thanks to the lies. And some are in a fantasy of us being all there is in existence.

God might be the universe, the universe is conscious. But which universe? Maybe that consciousness is the shared consciousness humans all use.

Published on: 8 September
Posted by: Tom