Monitor woke up when watching Expedition X

Not sure if it was software related or not. Maybe not, the install of something on my Switch, was done 11 minutes before I noticed.

I do wonder if you can really be stuck here though out of your body. If so, that kind of sucks. And hopefully I’m not causing anybody to be stuck here.

Hopefully they are just visiting, coming back and fourth. Tonka may be here a ton though.

And if you can get stuck here, that may happen to me as well. The reason I should mediate, so perhaps I can let go of sadness and anything else. Don’t talk about mediation with anybody though, the one person I talk to, gets pissed. I guess some people are against relaxing via mediation.

Clearly I don’t speak to anybody who’s beliefs align at all with mine. Perhaps nobody’s beliefs do. Bummer.

Lots of people are against reincarnation as well. But I’d reckon, no memory, and not being stuck here, could be better.

But I’m not sure your soul remembers everything, possibly only certain things. So even if you don’t reincarnate, you still won’t remember everything.

And that episode of Expedition X, may not be dealing with human souls at all. Could be something worse. If you torture and abuse people, perhaps the place will get a lot of bad energy. But humans refuse to believe most things like that, so they do it anyways. Or maybe they simply don’t care.

Don’t forget other dimensions, the horrible asylum, could be still happening somewhere, we can’t see. And somehow leaking over here. You’d think there’d be more leaking though.

Either way, not sure I’d recommend watching it the night it airs. You may have issues sleeping.

Published on: 2 August
Posted by: Tom