Need to do another dust experiment

Need to smack the pillow in the kitchen with the lights off. To see if you can even see it in the kitchen.

I won’t be convinced all the stuff being recorded isn’t dust, until it stops for long enough and then moves again. Just floating by, doesn’t sound intelligent. As if you watch what’s being recorded, it makes no sense. Why would something intelligent just zoom by the camera?

The one with it blinking in and out is kind of weird though. Probably just farther away, and for some reason didn’t stay lit up.

The heater is off, so there isn’t a ton of air being moved around. Just the air purifier. I left it off, as it’s around 70F in here. Clearly don’t need it on.

Now if one of those light balls, sit in my chair, I might be convinced it isn’t dust. It shouldn’t disappear when sitting in the chair either, and should stay there for a good five seconds.

I should just stop watching all the crap my camera records while sleeping. It’s just recording dust, lots of dust. But I need to see if I was sleep walking, or a sleep wanking.

The experiment was a failure, that is either the pillow has no dust now, or you can’t see it in the kitchen. It has to be right in front of the camera. Need to turn the light off again, and test right in front of the camera.

Well, no idea if the blinking light was right in front of it, or in the kitchen. Need a camera that says the distance. Stupid camera didn’t record anything the next test. Or it’s slow at uploading to the NFS share. Just slow. Now to watch it again, and see if any look like they are in the kitchen.

The pillow has plenty of dust left. So if anything is being recorded farther away, it probably isn’t dust.

Since I have no way to know the distance, I can’t say if it’s dust or not. Dust has to be right in front of it. Believe it is whatever you want it to be. I might still consider it dust, strange dust, that is being recorded a lot. The blinking dust is the strangest. Blinking in and out, didn’t know dust did that, but apparently it does.

Published on: 19 January 2022
Posted by: Tom