No Earthfiles Podcast today?

Looks like a new broadcast on YouToot. Probably computer trouble or something.

If you don’t do anything on the computer, you have no trouble. You’ll have lots of trouble if you try making a static ffmpeg build, and all the dependencies. What happens if I use the system ones? Cause this is a real pain in the ass.

I can test the free noise suppressing plugin for audio unit or something, it works in Garage Band. I know sort of how to use Garage Band now. I had to look at the help though.

And I won’t be using it for much, other then testing. It crashed Audacity if I use it in Linux. The other program I found, I can’t tell you how to use. I’d rather pay $300 for a program, then try to figure that one out. But you don’t have to spend that much.

It downloaded at 5:30 AM, or started downloading. There was a notification this morning about it, so it’s automatically downloading Podcasts now.

Should have said I thought it downloaded. Failed because the XML has no download URL. Well I might get another notification once the URL is available. Should click the link on the site and see if that download URL works. If it does, no idea why it isn’t in the feed. The previous one has an URL.

And I think Podbean or whatever is having an issue, once it shows up on iTunes, I’ll probably be able to download it the way it’s supposed to download.

No idea why the delay in it being on the other services.

But it isn’t worth listening to or watching, if I can’t automate downloading it and getting a notification.

Published on: 29 June
Posted by: Tom