No I won’t let a stranger do a paranormal investigation

Most likely nothing would happen. They aren’t here for them. I’m too scared to do it myself. I don’t want to get high blood pressure, like the Blackwell Ghost guy.

I might do it eventually. Like if the security camera captures something amazing. That is dead obvious, what it’s recording is intelligent.

Also, some of their fancy toys, would be useless in an apartment. Everybody isn’t going to move out while they do an investigation in one apartment. Neither am I.

Perhaps I should remove the pass code on the old iPad, maybe wipe it too, and make it say Welcome Spirits in a text app. If the iPad gets interacted with, by something you can’t see, it proves you don’t need fancy toys. If the intention is for them to use it, perhaps that is all you need.

But I think I have to log into my fucking Apple account to setup the iPad. You can’t use it without logging in. It doesn’t need WiFi. Unless you don’t want to use the Notes app, if it has that app.

Perhaps a Raspberry Pi, would work better, you don’t need to login to anything.

Published on: 4 May 2022
Posted by: Tom