Shared consciousness, so everybody is talking to themselves

They can think and say anything you can. So you might as well go in a padded room, and talk to yourself for the rest of your days.

Nobody can have a different idea, anybody can get the same idea.

And I think Earthfiles is only about animal mutilations now, probably not worth watching anymore. Perhaps the power brokers have secret tech, and are harvesting testicles and other body parts.

Now if you do something else while watching it, you’ll miss everything she says. But you might as well close it.

How does a shared consciousness work for Atheists?

Well, I assume God can take away, awareness, therefore it’ll be like not existing, and Atheists are right. You exist, you just don’t know it, as you aren’t aware of anything.

The beauty of living on a laboratory, animal mutilations. Do they mutilate people though? Probably. You just don’t find them.

But I don’t think God will take awareness away, or even free will. So no being a puppet without awareness. I think God sends you to Hell if they punish you. But I don’t know if they punish anybody much anymore. As that might be a lot of punishment. Especially if you believe what republicans believe.

Published on: 24 May
Posted by: Tom