Switching to the poodcast Earthfiles

I kept forgetting to check YouTube last week. No notifications on YouToot, don’t want any anyways. I don’t really use YouToot for anything else.

I installed gPodder on my desktop, and setup a cronjob to download, assuming it works, the new Earthfiles is finally available according to their podcast subdomain. I changed my cronjob to every 30 minutes, instead of once an hour, so soon I’ll find out if everything works.

Also using inotifywait to notify me when there’s a new podcast, so I don’t forget to look.


inotifywait -m -e create --format "%w%f" -r $TARGET \
| while read FILENAME
echo "New podcast $FILENAME $D" > /dev/pts/0

If you use kdialog or the other notify thing, as soon as it’s gone, it’s gone for good, it won’t be under notifications. So if you are sleeping, you won’t know it downloaded anything.

/usr/bin/gpo download that should be all you need to download. But you can avoid inotifywait, if you make the script notify you instead, like after it downloads, instead of when it starts downloading.

I added “-e close_write”, so perhaps I’ll get two notifications now.

I have that script running from a service file, changing m to d does not work, it won’t notify you.

And you might need to run gpo update before download. Those notifications may make my music stutter a little. I blame KDE and Wayland. Does update download too?

Well, I can see how long it took to download the way it is. And a notification every time I go into the folder in Dolphin.

Changed “close_write” to “move_self”. Perhaps that will just tell me when it’s done, it has a .partial extension for the first notification.

Hopefully it works with cron too, probably won’t find out till next week.

Published on: 22 June
Posted by: Tom