That wasn’t expected

Why did my computer’s monitor wake up? That hasn’t happened for a long time. That is waking up not because of me.

I was just watching The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch. And then Beyond Skinwalker Ranch, that episode not great for watching after 8 PM.

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch may have found proof of real worm holes though, you have to watch the next episode next week to know.

On Beyond Skinwalker Ranch, somebody suggested, dimensions bleed over in certain places. Not that dimensions make any sense to me whatsoever. Humans aren’t taught dimensions in school, but possibly taught we are alone in the universe. I think that was the native guy from the tribe that said that. Everybody else doesn’t want any of that to be true. You have to go to the older cultures to find anything out.

I was wondering why the fuck the monitor was on, I thought it’s been long enough for it to turn itself off, sure enough it woke up somehow.

Somebody claimed nukes cause issues to with other dimensions. That info may or may not be true though. We might find out in World War 3 though, if the nukes or most of them are disabled by unknown intelligence. They might have said something about bleeding over.

But the stuff about Skinwalker has been going on before we started testing nukes. Except, then you get into how everything has already happened and crap. You can travel to the past and future. And if everything has already happened, how does being alive work? How are you slowed down so you can experience it not all at once? And how could you experience it all at once anyways?

Published on: 25 July
Posted by: Tom