Was Tonka by me last night?

Or maybe I should say this morning. It was after 12 am before I went to bed.

I woke up and the blanket was pushed down on one side. Like somebody was there. That is something Tonka would do.

I suppose I could have done it while sleeping. You’d need a camera in there to know. But a camera in there might capture something that freaks me out and I won’t want to sleep in there anymore.

Maybe that’s how I automatically cope with the loss of her.

The living room security camera recorded the lights again while sleeping and while awake. I turned the lights off then remembered I needed to put stuff on my hand. Didn’t turn the living room or kitchen light on when I went to the bathroom to put it on my hand. It recorded the light while I was in the bathroom and when I was standing in front of the doorway to my room. I think that’s where I was standing. I’d have to watch the video again.

I saw nothing, no bugs or anything else. But not sure if I was really looking for anything.

If it was dark enough for the IR all the time, it might record that light even more.

How come only IR can see it? Apparently they don’t want me to see it with my naked eyes. Humans can’t see everything. Can I get an upgrade that can see IR? Well, I might go nuts if I can see more stuff. Except I already am nuts. This site wouldn’t exist if I was sane.

Published on: 11 January 2022
Posted by: Tom