Is it a fly?

Video slowed down. Must be a fast moving fly. No dust was recorded while gone, she might have dusted though.

Looks like a streak. Sure it’s not a tiny UFO?

Not slowed down video, and the entire video:

The IR wasn’t on and it recorded that. So probably a fly. If that’s what flies look like on a security camera.

I think the thumbnail is black because I didn’t disable audio. There is no audio in the original video. So I guess Shotcut added blank audio. I’m too lazy to redit it. Either that, or it doesn’t like the videos made from Shotcut anymore. The thumbnail is black for the first video. I didn’t select a thumbnail for the second video.

Hmm, might not be a fly. A fly wouldn’t leave a tail like that, flies aren’t that long, and there wouldn’t be a space between two lights. Also, I don’t think a fly would light up with no IR.

Or was the IR on? Doesn’t look like it. I’m not even sure the camera would record a fly with no IR. The fly isn’t very big.

Published on: 9 February 2022
Posted by: Tom