Ghost/Spirit caught on camera

Normal video:

Slowed down video:

Not a bug or dust. But if you pause the slowed down video at the right time, you can see what looks like four cylinders but made out of light I guess.

Don’t ask me what the red frame in the slowed down video is, perhaps the video editor, or the encoder put it in there. Don’t notice it in the normal video.

If I woke up and saw that, I probably wouldn’t want to sleep in there anymore. I could try sleeping in the living room, and see what the camera records. I’ll pass after seeing the above. No camera will be going in my room.

I don’t know what the camera is recording.

Changed the title from “Weird” to “Ghost/Spirit caught on camera”. That might get more hits, then “Weird”. Left the URL the same though.

Now no idea if it’s a spirit or not. Could be.

Published on: 28 March 2022
Posted by: Tom