And monitor waking up, could have been because of where the desk was

Hasn’t woke itself up I don’t think, since moving all my stuff back in here. Desk isn’t as close to the wall.

And I think Tonka mostly moved on.

Well, she may have been here a while back. Possibly Buddy too. Love is the reason she was here.

But that event, confirms, love is the point of everything.

Oh and love can get rid of any bad feeling, like suffocating. Or not breathing. Same thing basically. You feel the love instead of whatever is killing you.

Update 9/20/23
Looks like that wasn’t the cause. Most people will just dismiss it as vibrations. You’d need something to tell you if there’s a vibration at the time it wakes up, then cause the same amount of vibration, and see if it wakes up.

Could also be software.

Published on: 17 September
Posted by: Tom