Of course Expedition X didn’t follow advice to leave Skinwalkers alone

Why would they? Making a TV show, to make money, makes you do stupid things.

But they saw a weird looking guy with hooves, that was gone when they turned around. And what Expedition X has failed to mention so far, is dimensions. No idea if the next part will say anything about that. The reason they are “invisible”.

Reminds me of how in the past, we could see everything, somebody, they claimed to be God, installed a filter. If we didn’t have that “filter” perhaps we could see them when they “disappear”. Assuming any of that is true, looks like it so far.

Of course the US military wants to remove ET tech implants, listening to Earthfiles Podcast. Probably not for a good reason either. Due to the tactics they use to get you to get surgery to get it removed.

Nice, body scanning tech, that could be used to diagnose cancer and many other things easily. Too bad it’s classified.

Published on: 14 September
Posted by: Tom