I think that guy said, people think Bigfoot is either human like, or an animal.

But I heard a story, where a father and son saw one, and the father was going to shoot the Bigfoot. And then a being, probably Alien, shutdown the Bigfoot, and the father didn’t shoot.

That sounds like a robot to me. But that raises another thing, what if everything has a soul? Including robots?

If you take psychedelics, they can suggest everything has a soul or something.

The other possibility, is the beings that turned off Bigfoot, could do that to humans as well, or anybody. So perhaps it was a warning.

And how do you believe Aliens and stuff, but not Bigfoot?

Oh and about the soul, most humans aren’t aware of their soul. All I consider myself is this human body, I never wanted to be in.

Well, she believes in Bigfoot now. The motion activated camera, recorded audio, but no motion. At least, you can’t see the motion. I should look at the video file, and extract that part of the audio. It might be a humming like sound. Or I think they said “chanting”. But that reminds me, of the story, of a guy, that opened a portal by making certain noises.

So perhaps if I mimic that sound perfectly, something will happen. Maybe it will alter my consciousness. I almost left my body while mediating, and making a humming noise. I can’t make that noise anymore. That entire event was most likely planned by somebody or something humans don’t understand. Whoever, knew I wouldn’t actually leave my body, because Tonka was here. They knew that I wouldn’t leave her. She barked once, and I stopped, and then fell a sleep.

Apparently I needed to be reminded that Tonka needs me.

Published on: 14 November 2022
Posted by: Tom