Not behaving like a fly

Dust might disappear on the camera, after it lands. But only way to know if that’s dust, is with another camera, that can see the same area, or most of the same area. But not right by the other camera.

As dust from a pillow, doesn’t show up farther away. So if another camera records at the same time, and the same thing, it might not be dust.

I do see lots of airborne stuff in here though. But that looks like it has intention of where it’s going. And if it was dust, wouldn’t it have landed on the table?

And why is it going that direction? There’s an air purifier in there, you’d think it would take care of that dust, if it’s coming from kitchen. You wouldn’t see it over the table, if the air purifier got it.

I might be too cheap to buy another camera though. And I’d want it wired, which would require a long ethernet cable, I’d probably put the cable above the door, that is going up the wall and over the top of the door frame. And put the camera on table in kitchen, but looking at the living room. Lots of crap on the table. Maybe put it on desk instead, then no long ethernet cable needed. Not sure how good of a view, it would have on desk. They might get mad, if you put it on the wall.

Published on: 11 November 2022
Posted by: Tom