Felt like somebody was by me again

Yet, there wasn’t really any room on that side. So maybe the other day, it didn’t feel like somebody was on me, just by me, but no room.

I ended up staying in bed till 11 AM. I didn’t want the feeling to go away. I like when dogs sleep by me. Buddy slept with his head on my foot every night. He actually required to be on my bed. I had to help him get on my bed when he got older. That’s because once he was potty trained, I asked him to get on my bed. Rather anybody else wanted him on my bed didn’t matter, I wanted a dog on my bed. That might have been a smaller bed too. Luckily, he was the only dog at the time. Would be hard to have three dogs on that bed.

But I ended up with three dogs on my bed, and a cat. Maybe four dogs, as I think Chibi got up there sometimes too.

Pretty sure if Bodhi came in my apartment, he’d jump on my bed. That’s the first thing Sofie did when she came to visit. But she probably smelled Tonka up there. She was like rubbing her head or something on my bed. She only had Sofie like two years, she was old when she got her. Her people should have kept her, or kept her in the family. It’s cruel getting rid of your old dog. Sofie and Tonka were the same smart. They got in my grandparent’s house, and went exactly where everybody was. They weren’t inside because of the pugs. The pugs had some issues with other dogs, if they didn’t, Sofie and Tonka probably would have been inside.

Somehow they knew exactly where everybody was inside. They walked directly to the room where everybody was.

I wish I took Tonka and Buddy on more walks. Both of them would have been super happy if they got more walks. Tonka wouldn’t have even required long walks, in fact, if you went too far, she’d probably just sit down. That’s why Buddy got out of the yard, he didn’t get enough exercise. Meiko would always go back and be in the yard, Tonka and Buddy would just be running together. Not running away, as we had no problem getting them. They were trying to tell us, they needed to run and/or go on more walks.

Good reason not to get a dog, I don’t like walking. I don’t have to exercise if I get no dog. Also, I don’t want another Ruby.

Published on: 15 March 2022
Posted by: Tom