Felt like somebody was on top of me on my side

No room for anybody to be on the bed by my side, but it felt like somebody was actually on top of me on that side, while sleeping. Unless they were on the other side, then there’d be room.

Tonka does know I’d let her sleep on top of me. Something outside scared her once, and she laid on me sideways, and peed on me. I didn’t get mad at her, I just took a shower.

But it’s probably how I cope with the loss of her, by making it feel like somebody is by me in bed, or I guess on top of me, if there’s no room for them to be by me.

That was the first time it felt like somebody was actually on top of me though. I also slept until after 11 AM, cause I didn’t want the feeling to ever go away. Oh and I wanted to move to the dream world.

Good luck proving somebody was there or not. Not sure any camera would show anything. Do they make a thermal camera you can run for a long time and record the entire time? Maybe, but probably expensive. It probably wouldn’t capture anything anyways. It’s possible when in the spirit realm, you can send signals to the living. So you can’t prove I made it feel like it, or somebody else did. Seeing as humans aren’t aware of their own life essence, you aren’t going to prove anything that involves it.

Maybe the title should have been “Felt like somebody was on my side”.

Published on: 13 March 2022
Posted by: Tom