God’s vision?

I don’t remember exactly what was said, but in The Visitors, they were talking about his son getting abducted, and they told him something about God’s vision. Perhaps man is made in God’s vision. Or maybe it should be woman. Or human.

But that can mean more then one thing, like God is having a vision, and everything in God’s vision is conscious. And without God’s vision, nothing would exist. So if God ceases to exist, everything ceases to exist.

Don’t ask me the correct interpretation, I don’t think anybody knows.

I like the above, because it’s probably different then what everybody else thinks. And I’m fine with being in a vision. But why is there bad stuff in the vision? And why doesn’t consciousness start out knowing everything? Is it more fun to watch the same person fail over and over again?

Well, you could always be an Atheist, I don’t think they believe Aliens, or a massive universe, or anything. Love can’t exist in my mind, without intelligently made. That isn’t random. And why would Aliens bother creating life, if it just stops when their body dies? Not to mention, they would have wiped us out for good by now. We abuse our planet, and everything around us. And if no God exists, Aliens probably would have wiped themselves out as well, we never would have existed in the first place. Because whatever race did, would be long gone, as they wiped themselves out.

Oh and I don’t think there would be anything “intelligent” in existence, without God.

I’m insane, not an Atheist.

But I’m starting to wonder, about paranormal stuff. I’m not convinced it’s from those who’s bodies are dead. Might be Aliens. As you’d think if they were the deceased, they’d get more responses. Like answers to their questions. But Aliens on the other hand, wouldn’t care probably.

Or maybe they don’t understand English, or can’t hear.

Oh yeah, I need to test a radio frequency by my ears, if I have an Alien implant, it should do what happened on that show. When you put the radio close to it, check your entire body. No hypnoses for me, I don’t want to know anything. I just want to know if there’s an implant. And I’ll be keeping the implant.

Was it FM or AM? My radio doesn’t seem to have 144 or so FM. It does AM. I heard a weird sound, but probably not caused by me, and I can’t know exactly what it’s tuned in. I need a different radio. A digital one. That’s my emergency radio. Looks like I’ll be watching Earthfiles late, got to shit.

Published on: 16 November 2022
Posted by: Tom