The Visitors

More proof you exist after dying. Not exactly proof of Aliens. Depending on what you believe.

They asked her why she is so afraid of them. She said because they are so ugly, and they responded, she will look like them someday.

So they might be us from the future. At least those “Aliens”. Trying to save themselves I guess.

I don’t find them ugly or attractive. Just the way I like em. Well, the way I like Aliens. Are their male and female of us in the future? If not, that’s a nightmare for republicans. Oh wait, politics might not longer be a thing. But you get to love whoever you want, without being called something. But how do they make babies, if no males or females? In a lab?

Those ones look like The Grays, but they might actually be us. So I guess I wouldn’t be scared if I get abducted by a human, if they look way different. Well, I’ll probably still be scared.

I think that was his wife talking, they just started filming in 2013 I guess. Or is it from 2013? No idea.

Published on: 15 November 2022
Posted by: Tom