The Blackwell 7 not recommended

The end is creepy as fuck. And it’s to be continued, so now I’ll be watching the next one. Or I could look it up, and see if they caught the actual person responsible.

Deleted the rest of this post, there was spoilers. Going to lookup “Susan” and “Florida” now though.

Well, I probably will have nightmares tonight, or won’t sleep at all.

You really need the last name. But I really don’t want to look at the video to find the last name. It’s too creepy.

Haha, according to this, The Blackwell Ghost is fake. Because they can’t find any record of the person. So he made the photos of that person up? I don’t think he’s an artist. I suppose, he could have hired some people to wear crap, and pose, and make it black and white. So if you aren’t on that site they looked for them up, you never existed? I hope I’m not on the site then! That means I don’t exist. You have to possibly pay for that site. To look anything up.

So not being in the database, has crossed their mind.

That article is about the first one. But the viral video, I don’t recall if he said it was real or not.

I also don’t recall the first one very much. But one at I think that house, the water turned itself on. Yes, he could fake it, by going in there, turning it on, and not showing that part.

So perhaps he is a liar.

That also doesn’t explain how I almost left my body was.

I might have thought Tonka was sleeping by me in bed again. No heat, but I was laying like somebody was there. I’m sure when the dogs were alive, they could easily manipulate me in bed. That is make me move so they can sleep where they want. All without me even knowing, or waking up.

And if he’s a liar, well he did a good job, as he’s making money. So perhaps somebody should interview him, and ask if he’s a liar.

Published on: 15 November 2022
Posted by: Tom