“Hauntings” don’t end

Hauntings sounds like a bad thing. Perhaps you should say love never ends.

The monitor finally got turned on for unknown reasons, I wasn’t even by it.

Perhaps those who I can’t see doing less, will accomplish more somehow. Too much interaction could backfire.

Believe what you will, I prefer to believe somebody I can’t see is waking the monitor up. I already know love doesn’t end when your body dies. Love wouldn’t exist without God.

The Blackwell Ghost guy already proved love exists forever. I doubt he’s making fake videos. He gets too scared for it to be fake, like sleeping in his car. And how do you explain that email that got sent that he didn’t do? Look at the time it was sent, and if he was sleeping, well there you go. Look at his history to see if he setup an automated email. Or just believe him, because he probably has no good reason to make it up. Once you watch the later ones, you’ll see something horrible happened to him. Well, to his entire family.

Thanks to free will, you can believe whatever the fuck you want. You can believe you are a robot. With no feelings, and no love.

Maybe my computer has malware, as it’s faster right now. Or maybe the Firefox extensions got updated, and made it faster. Or maybe I’m just going insane.

Published on: 19 January
Posted by: Tom