That’s all you have to do to get somebody you can’t see on your bed?

I was in bed, missing Tonka, and I think another dog. I then felt somebody by me in bed on one side, then somebody else on the other side. Not sure if I felt two bodies by me at the same time, or they moved to the other side.

Also, can’t recall who else I was missing. Probably one of the other dogs I grew up with. Don’t know if I cried in bed or not, or was just missing dogs.

Well, the crying doesn’t ever stop, as when I woke up, I was crying in the bathroom. It doesn’t matter how many years it’s been since she died.

Do some people experience nothing after somebody they love dies? It’s hard to believe that would happen. If so, there’s probably a ton of variables involved as to why not. Could simply be whoever died, doesn’t want to do anything. Well, Heaven, is supposed to be so good, you never want to leave.

If you are praying for somebody who died, that creature will hear all your prayers. I assume that isn’t just people, but dogs will know too. They might get it all at once as well. Because time doesn’t exist there.

Believe what you will, free will allows you to. I still think having no free will to not believe in God would be better, so be a dog. Or do they have free will to believe or not God? It’s possible they just simply know about God. As far as I know, all dogs go to Heaven. Humans that’s debatable. Doesn’t mean you go to Hell, there’s also reincarnation. And proof for it. Simply not living as long as God wanted you to live, could result in reincarnation.

Published on: 29 January
Posted by: Tom