Ahh, proof of the soul, won’t get universal light either

If what that says is true, there’s your proof. Not that it’ll do any good. Universal light probably won’t happen. Depression might try to convince you not to believe.

I won’t waste my time trying to get humans to believe anything.

The monitor got woke up like two times while gone today. One video, it sounds like a key on the keyboard being clicked. I don’t usually have sound on. Monitor may have been going back to sleep, but when you hear the keyboard clicking noise, the video is corrupt at first. Lots of noise outside, and window was open, so no idea if it was the keyboard or something outside.

Possibly loud ass stuff outside is waking monitor up. Should have switched it to Mac mini before leaving, wasn’t thinking about it waking up though. Mac mini is harder to wake up the monitor on, you might have to click a button, not just move the mouse.

Nice pee turned to air.

Once this is over, I have a new lens to test, and probably will be time to take medicine. Watching it semi-live. Didn’t start right away, and rewinded it, and paused it multiple times, while looking at security camera videos, wondering what the noises it recorded was. You can hear people talking, probably outside. Can they talk any louder?

Published on: 1 February
Posted by: Tom