Looks like I need to switch to my Mac mini when I’m not using the computer

Apparently there’s no official way to disable mouse movement from waking up the monitor. If using X11 in Linux. I could use Wayland, but who knows if that’s stable enough yet, and don’t know if you can prevent mouse movement from waking up the monitor using Wayland either.

If loud ass shit outside is vibrating my apartment, and the mouse slightly moves, then it’ll wake up. The Mac mini seems to require clicking a button. It has woke up for unknown reasons in the past though, the Mac mini.

The Steam Deck likes waking up too, and that’s without the USB switch on the Deck input or output or switch, whatever you call it. Not even on the Steam Deck input on the monitor either. And it had some suspicious timing once. You can wake it up by touching the screen. It doesn’t have a regular mouse always connected.

Good news is, the Mac mini is using less RAM, I guess killing the systemstats or whatever process every hour or whatever did the trick. So maybe I don’t need a Mac mini with more RAM. They brought back a memory leak with that process, I don’t know if it’s fixed in the latest macOS 12, I’m not updating to macOS 13 any time soon. I’ll leave the cron job enabled, as I’m too lazy to keep disabling and re enabling it. Apparently Apple doesn’t like fixing bugs. Just look at the Mac Rumors forum.

If it had more RAM, it might be able to run Guild Wars 2 though, with Crossover. But if I get a Mac mini with more RAM, I should probably get the max RAM you can get, since it’s soldered down. And how much is the M2 Pro Mac mini with the max RAM? Probably more then I’ll ever have.

Published on: 2 February
Posted by: Tom