Changing the host, probably a mistake

My other site may never be restored, as still no response to my ticket, 6+ hours. The email didn’t tell me anything about it, and none of their sites seem to say anything.

Oh and they use PHP that doesn’t get security updates. I could ask for a newer PHP, but that’ll take 6+ hours for a response of “No”.

DirectAdmin doesn’t say what I need either.

Well, that’s why it’s cheaper, their support is slow as fuck. Their billing support isn’t as slow. Guess they wanted my money. Maybe I should uncancel the old hosting. And cancel this. Texas still isn’t a great place to host your site though, if you like free speech. Free speech as in, everything, including stuff republicans don’t like. Free speech isn’t just for some people. Or for some views.

6+ hours of downtime, if you have a problem. Wouldn’t recommend $2 a month hosting, if you need your sites online. Wouldn’t recommend shared hosting either.

If you go to Select PHP version, the actual page, not the widget, you can see other PHP versions, but changing it, does nothing, that is setting PHP 8.1 to the current. Or maybe you have to wait for the web server to reboot. Probably 6+ hours.

Everything is fine now, new PHP is being used, and I have the SSH port. Don’t change the PHP version with the widget in the sidebar. That probably screwed it up. They should actually disable that “feature”. Disable the widget, not the entire ability to change PHP versions. If you change with that, and then with the other thing, the PHP version won’t change. You then have to email support to get it fixed. Remember, they manage it, you don’t. Which is good for security, not good if you are impatient.

At least, I’ll probably never need support again, only this site uses PHP. And that’ll probably always be the case.

Published on: 10 February
Posted by: Tom