That’s enough proof for me

Nothing has been waking itself up, like my monitor, or the Steam Deck. That’s enough proof for me, that it’s unexplainable.

Explainable, it wouldn’t have just stopped by itself.

Now how do I get them to come back? Might not have actually been that long since stuff stopped waking itself up. But that’s too long. Company I can’t see, is better then no company. Tonka will come here whenever she wants most likely. But I don’t know if she was waking anything up. I still think my dad was doing that.

I sort of have proof my dad was doing it. I was crying about having no relationship with him, and him being dead, and when I left the bathroom, something woke up, might have been the Steam Deck.

The only thing with less stuff happening, is I might not cry as often. They should still do it anyways, I probably need to cry 24/7.

Published on: 15 February
Posted by: Tom