I love you Tonka

Last night, or early this morning, when I was falling a sleep. I felt a surge of love go through my body, from my head to my feet. Might be similar to what people experience when having a near death experience. Possibly not as strong though. I immediately knew it was Tonka, and said “I love you Tonka”. Then my feet felt warm, they weren’t under the blanket, as I was a little hot when I went to bed, at least my feet. Don’t know if she made my feet warm, or my foot being on top of the other one did. I also then went from almost falling a sleep, to fully awake, to think about what just happened.

Keeping me warm is something Tonka would do, I still remember, one night I think it got really cold, but I didn’t wake up cold, when I woke up, Tonka was on the bed right by me, keeping me warm all night. She wasn’t always on the bed with me, because she didn’t like pets and kisses in bed. She liked her space. Possibly she was hot too, she had a lot of hair. But If I was going to get cold, she’d go up there. She knew she could go on the bed, as in my room, the dogs were always allowed on furniture. She actually thought she wasn’t supposed to go on furniture in my living room. But she was allowed on any of my furniture. I did see her on my futon once, I took a picture, and thought it was funny. No I didn’t make her get down. It was her futon after all. Just like the bed is her’s. And the apartment.

She was probably with me all night/morning.

I did come to the realization at some point, that I need to let go of stuff. Not sure when I came to that, it might have been when sleeping. Well, with enough of that feeling going through me, anything is possible. That’s probably a more efficient anti depressant then the drug I take for it. Or maybe that should be “drugs” with an s. At least two of them, can help with depression.

But I think part of the reason I need to let go, is lots of stuff makes me mad, and I don’t let it go. Or am I dying soon, and therefore need to start letting go of everything? Or maybe both. If I’m dying soon, that is kind of depressing, I’m not exactly old yet.

Or maybe it will take me a long ass time to let go of everything, so I need to start now, so when I’m 80+, I’m ready to go.

I suppose I could have made the surge of love I felt myself. But I sure thought Tonka did it, and was there.

Why does only Tonka interact with me? Probably a lot of reasons, she was the last one to die, we are probably connected the most, I think I would have had to live alone with Buddy to get as connected as I am to Tonka, I was extremely connected to him though. Also, why should anybody else interact if I’m not going to listen to them? I’m most likely going to listen and do something if it’s coming from Tonka. My dad can’t really interact, because he doesn’t want to scare me, or make me mad. We had no relationship, so he doesn’t know me, and I don’t know him. He’s probably just observing.

The security camera only records lights, no shadow entities or anything like that. They may be protecting me, or some other force is.

I don’t think the security camera is ever going to record anything other then lights. The reason is simple, I get scared easily.

Tyler Henry said spirits don’t generally interact because they don’t want to make the grieving process worse. So I think everybody has free will, and can choose to interact if they want. Tonka knows me the best. I suppose my great grandparents might know me good as well, they’ve probably been watching me my entire life. They probably know me better then my dad.

Somebody talked through me once and told me to calm down. I was dreaming, and it was stressing me out. I do wonder if I would have had a heart attack from a dream, if that voice didn’t tell me to calm down. I calmed down right away. Who’s voice that is, I don’t know. I wish I had a recording of it.

There’s no point in telling this to anybody in my family, they don’t believe the stuff I do.

The person talking through me, made my beliefs stronger. Oh and just look at Skinwalker Ranch, there’s all kinds of odd stuff happening there. That nobody seems to be able to explain. So clearly humans don’t know everything.

Published on: 20 April 2022
Posted by: Tom