That might have been the best episode of Portals to Hell

But if “orbs” can be easily explained away, and are what my camera is recording, what are they? She didn’t say what orbs are if it can be explained away.

I know it isn’t dust. I don’t think it’s always close to the camera. And some are more solid.

I call it lights or balls of lights. The camera doesn’t record the same amount of every night. If it was easily explainable, shouldn’t it record the same amount every night? I’m sleeping when it records the lights. Therefore I’m not doing anything that would make them appear.

Oh and some of them blink in and out. Can she explain that too? And the UFO shaped one?

It’s still recording stuff, I’m just too lazy to upload anymore videos. Maybe if one of them shows themselves as a human or dog, I’ll upload it. I’d also like an explanation of that from her, since she appears to know everything. Hopefully none of the lights look like a creature, human or anything else, that might freak me out.

Considering how little humans know, the balls of light could be anything. Well, some people know more, but aren’t telling anybody else. Like what they know about Aliens. Don’t think the lights are Aliens, as they wouldn’t be as interested in me. Or maybe they are for some reason. Perhaps they need to figure out what went wrong with me. I did wake up with my watch on my pillow once. How did the watch get off? I woke up with the thought of my watch on the pillow. I probably took it off myself for some reason.

But it would be funny if Aliens took it off. They really aren’t trying to harm humans in that case. I don’t think I’ll ever be awake if I ever get abducted. That’s a bad idea. They would most likely to everything to keep me a sleep. If I wake up, I might go nuts. You can believe Aliens exist, but still be scared shitless of them. The same with spirits.

So if it isn’t dust what is it? Too bad she only said it can be explained orbs of light. But she has nothing to back it up. And if it’s a camera glitch, how come some blink in and out? Oh right, multiple glitches.

Now if it can’t be explained, and they are spirits, I have no idea what they are doing. Perhaps trying to tell me you exist after dying. Not sure telling me anything will accomplish anything though. With cognitive decline, I’ll forget anyways.

I’d still like to know what she explains lights as. Or orbs as she calls them.

If I did an investigation, I’d just ask them to turn the monitor on. The monitor gets turned on when sleeping sometimes. That’s about the only thing I can do that a neighbor probably can’t do. If you get a REM pod or something, you’ll just get radio signals. A ghost box costs too much I think. You can get a cheaper thing sort of like it. I’d rather make one with a Raspberry Pi. Make something like the Blackwell Ghost guy made. Actually, it’s possible just a keyboard and Raspberry Pi would work. Have a text document open. If your intention is for them to use it, I don’t think it really matters what it is. They can probably do more then you think.

But that would scare the shit out of me too. So I think I’ll do no investigation. I don’t need high blood pressure like the Blackwell Ghost guy.

Spirits can turn sinks on. So I think they can use a keyboard, or manipulate a computer. Do you even need a keyboard? Can you just get a display and leave a text editor open? Or get a touch screen. Then you don’t need a big ass monitor.

They could type on my computer, but the video would scare the shit out of me. Also, the camera can’t see the monitor right, it’s overexposed or something. Once it wakes up.

It’s also possible a hacker is doing it. Except the Mac mini does it too. Perhaps one of the drives is vibrating a ton on the desk some days, but not everyday. That doesn’t make sense though, the drive should vibrate a ton everyday.

If I leave some trans porn playing all night, will they stop it? And will I dream about trans women and nothing else? Hmm, put the sound of frogs on instead. Or record yourself saying “Go to sleep”. And dream about sleeping.

Published on: 30 April 2022
Posted by: Tom