Looks like the love “theory” isn’t a theory, it’s the truth

The entire point of everything is love.

If what I vaguely remember, actually happened, I think I was fully awake, but then eventually fell a sleep. Apparently my memory is so bad, it’s now vaguely remembered.

I was laying in bed, and felt something through my body, love perhaps and/or heat. Then it felt like somebody was on my foot. I think I said “I love you Tonka”, I don’t recall anything else I said. But that’s what Buddy did, he slept with his head on my foot. I didn’t really think when or before saying “I love you Tonka”. Just came out, just like praying once asking God to take good care of Tonka.

It’s possible they are interacting with my soul directly, and I’m not aware of what’s happening. Thanks to the dumb and blind programming in humanity’s consciousness.

Are these events just about love? Or also preparing me for something? Or perhaps they are trying to make me feel better, as feeling numb isn’t great. I don’t even know how to make myself feel better. Doctor didn’t seem to care.

I won’t tell my mom about that, she isn’t interested in God, souls, love or anything that I am. That’s why she gets mad when I try to talk to her.

If you believe all the stuff I do, or are open to anything, then stuff like this can happen. If you are narrow minded, well it must be boring.

I think I was sleeping before that happened. I just woke up and then not long after that happened.

Published on: 2 December 2022
Posted by: Tom