Does dust have controlled steering like that?

All I did was go downstairs to wait for my dinner, apparently she should have stayed home, the roads are bad. Luckily, she made it home.

I think she needed something for their snowblower.

If that’s a bug, do flies look way bigger then they are on IR? I’m talking about the brightest/most solid light. The other ones I can possibly dismiss as dust. Perhaps not though.

If it isn’t a bug or dust, is it proof a soul? And if so, how many are here? Apparently I’m never alone. So if I feel lonely, turn the lights off, and watch security camera. Could just be watching dust and/or flies. But if I’m in the room, and I can’t see any dust or flies with my eyes, you got a mystery.

Now if humans didn’t reject their soul, I’d probably already have the answer to this. And nobody would want to see the video. It would be a fact of life. But thanks to whoever, now humans reject their own soul.

I do wonder what it was like to be in a body of one of the first humans. Before we decided to reject our soul. Were we capable of doing stuff we can’t do now? Hmm, actually, we may have always rejected our soul. Otherwise, why would they keep “upgrading” us? Maybe to remove stubbornness?

Hmm, if I rewind that, it will then play without showing the lights. Now to test that in VLC. Just move the player mark back and let it resume. Nope, only with it does that. No idea why.

But maybe all the lights are the same intensity. Either way, surprised it recorded anything.

Published on: 1 December 2022
Posted by: Tom