Monitor woke itself up two times, while watching TV. Didn’t notice it the first time it happened. Noticed eventually the second time.

I looked at the security camera, that’s the only reason I know it happened two times.

But I wonder if it’s software related, does the update thing wake the monitor up? If so, I should disable it.

But the Mac mini was getting woke up in the past too. Might switch over to that, to listen to music on my earbuds, so I can block all sound. Or use my phone, doesn’t really matter. Not like I need the phone’s battery to last, nobody calls or texts me.

The update thing said it got a 403 error or something. But around 40 minutes ago, don’t think that’s when it woke up, was before that. I’ll manually check for updates, since apparently that update thing is broken, or their site is. I use zypper to update, not that GUI thingy that is in the system tray in KDE. And the main repo might be down. Bummer.

Published on: 19 December 2022
Posted by: Tom