Infested with bots?

Hard to believe everybody accessing this, is blocking Jetpack stats.

Also, according to MEGA, no bandwidth is being used.

Which means, I can safely cancel the hosting soon. No need to keep a site online, that is infested with bots. MEGA could be wrong, but who cares. I’ll just assume, this site is infested with bots. Just like all the other things I assume.

I’m sure there’s plenty of more interesting paranormal sites, that have something other then dust, and bugs, and monitors waking themselves up.

I may also just leave the site as is, and never put anything new on it. Or turn it into a porn site.

I don’t think MEGA uses bandwidth when I watch something myself. Still probably just bots access this site. So leave it as is, until the server can’t handle the bots anymore.

Published on: 20 December 2022
Posted by: Tom